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PMC BB5 (Paar)

ArtikelNr.: 2016022603

The BB5 employs much of the technology and hardware of the MB2 and is equally happy in a soffit or in free space. The BB5 offers higher SPL?s and a vastly improved frequency range that extends lower than any other monitor available. The BB5's astute design has a narrow front baffle that eradicates the problems of diffraction usually associated with a large main monitor. The BB5 has the capacity ?

PMC BB5 (Paar)
  • Artikelgewicht: 144,00 Kg
  • Breite: 43.2 cm
  • Höhe: 104 cm
  • Länge: 79 cm

36.497,30 € (Netto: 30.670,00 €)
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